Proposed Building DesignPrint

​These plans should show how the height, scale, massing, proportions and architectural features of the building respond to the site & surrounds and the future form & quality of the area as identified in the PAUP
The proposed elevations should, where relevant:
  • Provide the rationale for the proposed scale of buildings in relation to the existing or planned future character of the local area, or where relevant, the opportunities to improve that character.
  • Explain and justify the appearance of buildings and spaces, and show how they relate to their surroundings. Will their appearance support local characterand distinctiveness?  
  • Demonstrate how all the major design elements of the building(s) have been considered together? The general envelope of the building may be defined by development controls, but the form of the building should be considered as an integrated whole. 
  • Demonstrate the rationale for the building’s form and elevational treatment; including the roof, external walls and elevational features such as doors, windows and detailing. It should explain how these elements of its appearance will relate to the character of the site’s surroundings and how their design been considered. 
  • Detail how the design of the street frontage will make a positive contribution to the public realm. This includes building setbacks, front yard treatments, fencing, landscaping etc.
  • Demonstrate how the proposed design relates to the street in terms of scale, proportion and rhythm, ground floor articulation and street activation 
  • Show what the building(s) will really look like - are rendered perspectives and computer generated images accurate?​

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