Natural and cultural environmentsPrint

This analysis should identify which elements within the wider neighbourhood contribute to the amenity and character of the site.

This should include consideration of:
  • How does the subject site fit into the broader landform character (Example: ridgeline, gully, geological features etc). Will landform modification of the subject site affect the broader landform character?
  • What is the predominant landscape character – the layers that sit on top of the landform (e.g. vegetation - native or exotic, built environment etc)?
  • Are there public open spaces, green networks or biodiversity corridors in the neighbourhood that the subject site can connect to or enhance (physically or visually)?
  • Are there watercourses, coastlines, floodplains or overland flowpaths that affect the subject site?
  • What places of cultural importance and/or historic heritage are located in the neighbourhood and how could these be considered in the proposed design to reinforce local identity and character?
  • How visible is the site from the surrounding area and how might this affect the design response?​​​​

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