Streetscape characterPrint

​​This analysis should identify the streetscape of the immediate area and the positive aspects within it that the development could respond to. 

Streetscape character analysis is required for sites that adjoin the street (front sites and public spaces) only. It identifies the predominant character of the immediate area. This requires an analysis of the built form of at least three properties either side of the site and across the street. It should tell us what the predominant streetscape character of the immediate area is. This could include typical front yard setbacks; predominant building heights, consistent roof forms, materials architectural features and articulation. 

If the immediate area does not present any positive built form elements then this does not provide justification for repeating poor built form outcomes. For example, a predominance of parking within the front yard does not mean that the proposal should repeat this on the basis of “consistency”. Equally you do not need to replicate existing built form, but respond in an appropriate manner. You can look beyond the immediately adjoining properties if necessary. ​

This analysis can be undertaken from a site visit and by taking photographs of the adjacent properties. Annotated photographs are an acceptable method of presenting the streetscape character analysis.



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