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Determining key issues provides a useful framework for testing and developing potential design options

An opportunities and constraints diagram helps to prioritise the factors a   development proposal should respond to. This becomes the primary direction for the development proposal. It is also a useful communication tool as it summarises the information in the site and neighbourhood analysis, and can be read and understood quickly.
  • An opportunities and constraints analysis is required for all Design Statements.
  • The diagram presents the findings/analysis undertaken during a site and neighbourhood analysis.
  • It is also the point in the design process where the information is weighed up to determine what is most pertinent to the development's design. Where there are conflicting objectives or competing interests, these should be clearly articulated along with the rationale for the final design decision.
  • This diagram typically relates to the site only, but may include the immediate surrounding area.
  • Opportunities and constraints diagrams are typically presented on one or two A3 pages, consisting of an annotated plan and photos. Depending on the complexity of the site, the opportunities and constraints can both be recorded on one plan, or they could be separated on to two.
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