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​The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP) provisions reflect the values that the community has identified as being important to them in both the current context (the existing neighbourhood) and the future context (e.g. for areas subject to growth and change) in order to maintain or create an appropriate sense of place.

The identification of these planning provisions at the beginning of the design process will ensure that a proposal is more likely to meet the strategic direction of the PAUP and be consistent with the future character anticipated for the zone.

This analysis should identify the key development controls in the PAUP that guide the bulk and form of buildings on the site (e.g. height limits, yard set-backs, building coverage etc.) and how they might influence the layout of the site and building form.

It should also highlight the objectives for the zone, particularly where there is to be a change in character – for example a neighbourhood may currently comprise single storey homes on large sections, but the PAUP zoning provides for greater densities and a two storey scale.

This section may also include consented but not yet built developments that may have an impact on your site (e.g. a roading improvement project or a new residential development that has not yet been built).​



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