Pre-application meetingsPrint

Use pre-application meetings to agree both the level of information and analysis required and what the critical issues that your development proposal will need to respond to are.

Pre-application meetings provide a valuable opportunity to discuss and agree the Design Statement requirements for your particular proposal, and provide an initial response to the main issues raised by the proposal.​

Pre-application meetings are an effective way to ensure the quality and comprehensiveness of a consent application, which should lead to efficient processing, with reduced likelihood of rejection or further information requests.

At your initial pre-application meeting you would ideally present a draft site and neighbourhood analysis, planning context and an opportunities and constraints analysis. Based on this, council officers will give guidance on any further information required, and the key issues for consideration. The concept design and key design principles in response to the issues and opportunities identified can then be considered.

A small fee is charged for some pre-application meetings, but this can save significant costs later in the consent process. Working with the council throughout the pre-application process will avoid delays caused by insufficient information and help you focus on the matters most important to the success of your development.  Further information on the benefits of the pre-application process can be found on the council's web​site along with the application form.

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