Concept PlanPrint

​​​The concept plan shows how the general design principles (form and layout) respond to the opportunities and constraints identified in the context analysis.
This is a drawing that represents the development at a conceptual level, illustrating the main design ideas/principles and factors.  For example, the general locations of built form vs. open space, hard edges vs. visually permeable, movement paths and level changes.

The concept design is a useful drawing that quickly captures the key ‘moves’ and design principles, e.g. building vs. open space; access ways; service areas; key views; benefiting from the sun’s path; areas of activity vs. private and quiet spaces etc. It is recommended that the applicant discuss the concept design with council officers at a pre-application meeting.

The Concept Design plans should:​
  • Show how the analysis of the context led to the chosen design principles
  • Show how the design responds to the opportunities & constraints identified previously
  • Explain and justify the way the buildings, movement routes and open spaces are set out 
  • Demonstrate a genuine response to context and not simply justify predetermined design solutions​

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