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By visiting your site and reviewing further information online, you can learn about the site's natural form, the history of its development, key environmental attributes and any significant cultural values associated with it.
  • Site analysis is fundamental to preparing a development proposal that sensitively responds to the surrounding area.
  • Site analysis should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the characteristics and attributes of your development site, the adjacent properties and the street it is located on.
  • The scale, complexity, and sensitivity of the development site should inform the level of detail you need to provide.
  • A site analysis is required for all design statements and requires the same information as a site plan for a standard resource consent application.  For sites that front a street or public place, an analysis of the character of the streetscape is also required.
  • Site Analysis is typically presented as one A3 drawing (or several for complex sites), which is annotated with supporting text and photos.
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