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​​​​​​​​Design Checklist​

  • There is local demand for the activities proposed within the development
  • Local services and facilities support the needs of the development’s occupants


When planning a mixed use development consideration must be given to where activities are located, both on and off site. ​

Any proposed commercial or retail uses must be supported by a sufficient local population or good transport connections. Residential uses will generally demand easy access to local amenities and good transport connections.

Better Design Practice

​Ensure there is adequate local demand for proposed onsite activities

When planning a mixed use development it is important to assess local demand for the proposed onsite activities. Careful analysis should also be undertaken of the wider neighbourhood to ensure occupants have access to services and facilities. These may include:
  • shops, banks and grocery outlets
  • public transport
  • schools and healthcare facilities
  • outdoor space / recreation areas
  • off-street and on-street parking.
Town centres generally provide these facilities, as well as adequate foot traffic for potential retail and commercial activities.

On large sites locate retail and service activities on prominent areas of the site, such as at corners and intersections. 

These locations are highly visible, with good exposure to foot traffic. They are particularly conducive to retail activities and have a large impact on people’s impressions of the development.
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