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Desi​gn Checklist​

  1. Treatment of the front edge of the site defines the boundaries between public, communal and private open spaces
  2. Good privacy and security are provided. The edge of the development contributes positively to the public domain​


How boundary elements are designed and implimented can have a significant impact on the interface between the building, private open spaces and the street. Boundary elements typically include vertical elements such as walls, fences, screens, planting and changes in level,  which work to provide visual cues that define spaces and provide privacy. Boundary design also has an impact on occupants’ real and perceived safety and security and helps strengthen the identity of a mixed use development.


Better Design Practice

Respond to the identified architectural character of the street and/or the area.

Design considerations may include:
  • materials selection, including ratio of solid to transparent materials
  • building, fencing, and level change setbacks and heights
  • vertical and horizontal rhythm of street face details such as vertical entry elements, boundary markers and fence posts
  • location and number of entry openings or gates.

​Clearly delineate the private and public domain without compromising safety, security and amenity by:
  • designing fences and walls that provide privacy and security without detracting from views, outlook, daylight and air
  • limiting the length and height of retaining walls along street frontages
  • locating street-facing entrances so that they are clearly visible from the street.

Contribute to the amenity, beauty and usability of private and communal street fronting open spaces by incorporating some of the following:
  • benches and seats
  • planters
  • pergolas and trellises
  • barbecue areas
  • water features
  • lighting
  • signage
  • artwork
  • letterboxes
  • hidden storage areas for compost, rubbish bins, communal play equipment, etc.

Retain and enhance the amenity of & connectivity to the public domain by:
  • avoiding continuous lengths of blank walls or roller doors at street level
  • using planting to break up the scale of and to soften the edge of any street-facing raised terraces, such as over sub-basement car parking.

Select durable materials that are easily cleaned and graffiti-resistant.​
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