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Multi-storey car park buildings are parking structures of more than one level. They offer large parking capacity in a dedicated structure.

Vehicle trips generated by the large consolidated capacity of multi-storey car parks can cause traffic and circulation issues for neighbouring streets. Traffic engineers or planners can help design ways to mitigate these impacts. Similarly, the design of the entrance/exit to the car park will need to be carefully considered to minimise the visual effect of the opening on the street.

If multi-storey car park buildings contain parking at ground floor levels, such parking should not be provided immediately adjacent to streets with significant foot traffic or other public areas. Rather, parking buildings at ground level should be sleeved with active edges (e.g. retail or offices) to avoid areas with inactive frontages.

Neighbourhood guidance

Multi-storey car park buildings are suitable in built up urban areas and in suburban or town centre locations, where they can support public transport patronage (for example near train or bus stations).​

Site guidance

Locate vehicle entrances so that disruption to traffic, cyclists and pedestrians is kept to a minimum i.e. via a side street rather than a main road.​


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