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​​​​​‘Underground’ parking is structured parking built below ground level, either as a basement to a building or covered with structure above. 
Locating parking underground conceals cars from the streetscape, allowing more active uses (such as retail, restaurants and cafes) to be placed on the street edge. It also helps to free up land above ground for uses that need light and air. ​

Neighbourhood guidance

Underground car parking should be considered wherever possible, but is especially suited to sites with medium to high density and land value.

Site guidance

Locate vehicle entrance ramps to an underground parking so that disruption to traffic, cyclists and pedestrians is kept to a minimum i.e. via a side street rather than a main road.

The below examples showcase large-scale comprehensive developments that conceal the bulk of the car parking below ground, allowing the ground level to be utilised for public open space, retail and commercial uses.​

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