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​​​​​​​Des​ign Checklist

  1. Construction waste is minimised through appropriate design considerations, material selection and building practices


The construction of buildings is resource intense. ​​​The initial design of a building will be particularly important in determining how efficiently it uses materials, both during construction and throughout its life - minimising material use and waste should occur during all stages of the building’s life cycle. ​

Better Design Practice

Minimise waste during all stages of the building’s life cyc​le, from construction to demolition.

During construction, give consideration to:​​
  • incorporating existing built elements into the development (for example, refurbishing and integrating heritage buildings)
  • recycling and reusing demolition materials
  • specifying building materials that can be reused and recycled.​

Design for minimum construction waste.​

During the design stage reduce construction waste by:
  • specifying project needs modestly to avoid an oversupply of materials
  • utilising standard product/component sizes as these are often efficiently produced
  • designing for durability, adaptability and ease of future upgrades.​
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