Ground floor parking Print

​​​​​​​​​​Ground floor parking is allocated at the street/ground level of a building.​

Parking at ground level eliminates the need for space-hungry ramps, expensive structures and water-proofing, and is therefore a simple, efficient and cost-effective parking typology.

However, there is an inherent conflict in providing parking at street level where it interfaces with the public and pedestrian realm as this can result in vehicle dominated and often dull inactive street frontages. Where ground floor parking is necessary, it should not be provided immediately adjacent to streets and other public areas. 

To maintain a positive street interface, ground floor parking should be sleeved with active edges (e.g. retail, office or apartments) facing onto streets, lanes or open space.

Neighbourhood guidance

Ground floor parking is not suitable in built up urban areas and should only be considered in low density areas.

Site guidance​

Locate ground floor parking to the rear of a site or building to allow for provision of active frontages facing streets or other public areas.

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