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Desi​gn Checklist​

  1. New developments use sustainable construction materials and methods 
  2. The design of the building reduces the need for mechanical heating and cooling
  3. Apartments provide a more comfortable, healthier internal environment for occupants
​​​​Goo​​d design is sustainable design that makes efficient use of natural resources, materials and energy throughout the life of the building.

This includes selecting the appropriate materials, layouts and built form, employing passive solar design principles, and planning for the re-use of water and ongoing maintenance.

Apartment developments which incorporate energy efficient practices will lead to efficiencies for occupants by reducing the cost of supplying energy.

The increased public awareness of green issues, the potential energy use certification of apartments (as in Australia), and the need to comply with a ratings tool such as Homestar, will continue to make this an important aspect of apartment building design.

To design a sustainable apartment building, consider:

  • Sustainable materials selection and construction  
  • The building envelope 
  • Heating and cooling spaces in the building 
  • Water heating and conservation 
  • Lighting 
  • Appliances
  • Design techniques to encourage greater resident responsibility.

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