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​There are three key elements that can be used to describe an individual apartment type: 
  • the number of bedrooms
  • the number of storeys (single storey, mezzanine or two-storey)
  • the number of external walls that have views to the outside (single aspect, double aspect, or corner aspect).

These three elements can be combined to give a more comprehensive description of an apartment, for example a two-bedroom, two-storey apartment that has a double aspect on the upper level.  

Single aspect apartments 

Single aspect apartments have three closed sides (except for the entrance) and are typically used with a double-loaded (central) corridor access arrangement.

They can be a good option for hillside housing or when there is an undesirable site condition to one side. They can also be used for a double-loaded corridor building that runs north-south, so that all apartments receive either morning or afternoon sun.

 Double aspect apartments 

Placing double aspect (open-ended) units side by side is a common form of arranging individual apartments within a building. It has the advantage of being able to repeat apartments while also maintaining the maximum amount of external facade.

There are many organisational options but if the apartment is too deep, achieving adequate natural light to the centre of the apartment can be difficult.

Double aspect apartments can be accessed off an external access way, from an internal atrium, from vertical shared access or a combination of these. With such a layout a better level of amenity is provided if the apartment has the entrance or the kitchen adjacent to the semi-external or external walkway. A bedroom in this location will require careful design to ensure adequate levels of privacy, ventilation and quietness.  Habitable room windows should never open into or access an internal corridor.

Corner aspect apartments

Corner aspect apartments have two sides that are exterior walls. They can be considered as a variation of single aspect apartment with one extra wall opened up. This type is often used in tower buildings or at the ends of linear buildings.

Corner apartments should take advantage of their potential for dual aspect and increased views, sunlight and daylight.

A premium would normally be charged for corner aspect apartments over the single aspect apartments; and it is a common type for high-end penthouse apartments.

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