How do I know I've achieved it?Print

​Once your project is completed, the way you feel at home will be the main indicator of whether or not you have achieved your objectives. 

Some impacts may not be obvious from the moment you move in, but others will be from day one, such as how cold or hot you are while at home.

Simple thermometers and hygrometers can be fixed to the walls of rooms to keep track of performance. Most heating systems include a thermostat which serves the same purpose.
CO2 monitors are a relatively inexpensive way of checking indoor air quality. According to standards referenced in the Building Code, indoor levels of CO2 shouldn’t exceed 1,000 parts per million (ppm).

Monitoring and control systems can give you a more detailed record of temperatures and humidity levels inside your home by providing live data. They can also monitor outside temperatures and manage heating and cooling systems to ensure the house remains at optimum temperatures. Schedules can be programmed in some of these systems that will adjust internal comfort levels for different times of the day, reducing heating loads when you are away and maintaining the right temperatures when you are home.

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