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​​​Sustainability consultants
Usually with backgrounds in engineering, building science or architecture, these consultans work alongside designers to provide expert advice around different topics related to sustainable design. 

Although different professionals focus on different areas within this broad subject, usually their scope of work includes optimisation and design of passive and active systems, energy modelling and building certification. 

Sustainability consultants will have greater impact the earlier they are engaged in a project, as they can provide valuable guidance during objective setting and the concept design stage. Their understanding of the environment and building performance allows them to quickly assess and then test strategies that will help you achieve your objectives.

Eco-Design Advisors
The independent Eco Design Advisor Service is offered by Auckland Council and provides two hours of free consultation with a specialist in the subject. Although their work is mainly around the improvement of existing houses, they can also evaluate projects when they are being designed. Eco-Design Advisors’ focus is on strategies to improve internal comfort and health, as well as on technologies to reduce water, energy and resource use.

Architects and builders​
​Industry professionals such as architects and builders are becoming increasingly familiar with sustainable design principles, methods and technologies. 

Architects and designers have been trained to analyse and respond to the characteristics of a specific site, and are likely to have a good understanding of passive design strategies. An integrated design developed alongside sustainability consultants will allow them to increase certainty about the performance of the design and to incorporate strategies that will help achieve your objectives. 

While there are builders with specific experience in sustainable construction methods such as rammed earth and straw bale, it is important to remember that it is high-quality construction and attention to detail that will be essential in achieving sustainability outcomes. A well-managed construction site can reduce waste, as well as the impacts on neighbours and the surrounding environment. Construction that follows what was detailed by designers is more likely to perform as estimated during design stages. It is also likely to increase internal comfort and health. 

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