How do I know I've achieved it?Print

​​​Once your project is completed, your energy bills will be the first indicator of whether your home is achieving the energy objectives you set at the start. ​

Most new homes in Auckland include smart meters and, depending on your electricity retailer, you may be able to monitor your energy usage on a day-to-day basis.

You can gain a much deeper understanding of the performance of your home and the systems within it by installing a performance monitoring system that provides live data and a detailed breakdown of energy usage. Understanding and keeping track of individual systems will help you understand your usage patterns, identify possible malfunctions in appliances or systems, and modify behaviour to improve energy efficiency.

Some monitoring systems also allow you to control the various systems in your home based on predefined schedules, and simplify integration between them to improve their combined performance. If these systems are used together with energy generation systems, great efficiencies can be achieved by increasing self-consumption of generated energy and reducing the amount exported to the national grid at low feed-in tariff rates. For example, controlling electrical hot water cylinders using energy from ​PV panels allows water to be heated during the day, using energy from the sun, instead of being heated at night, when there is no generation and you are reliant on the grid. 

Every monitoring system is different and when choosing one you should ensure it will help you accomplish your energy objectives. 

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