How do I know I've achieved it?Print

​​​​​​The first indicator of whether you have achieved your sustainability objectives will be the experience you have living in your home – how comfortable it feels.


Often it can be the little things that make a big difference, for example the house staying warm overnight, meaning it’s easier to get out of bed in the morning.

If you’ve set measurable targets for your home, your electricity, gas and water bills will allow you to verify your resource use and associated costs are as expected. Simple thermometers can tell you whether your house is as warm or cool as you set out to achieve.

Some rating tools require inspections or detailed monitoring and reporting of the house’s performance in order to finalise the certification process. If you have chosen this path, make sure you keep in mind the requirements of the tools so that the process can be successfully completed. ​
A performance monitoring system can show you your home’s performance in real time, allowing you to see temperatures, energy and water use. Real-time performance information means you can identify faults or leaks, fine-tune systems, and understand how your behaviour affects the performance of your home. It will also be helpful when communicating the performance of your home to others, for example when selling your home.

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