​Water is an essential component of our natural environment and is vital to our existence. 

Water systems, which include rivers, wetlands, streams and so on, are fragile. By improving our awareness of the way we use water we can both reduce our water bills and help to preserve a valuable and finite resource.

​​As Auckland increases in population and size, pressure on our water infrastructure will also increase. By using water more sustainably we can reduce the need for new water sources and even gain some independence from the mains water supply.

As was emphasised in the 'Approaches to Sustainability' article in the Sustainability hub, sustainable outcomes require a goal-driven process that uses integrated and connected approaches. The way your home will use water needs to be considered holistically and water objectives need to be carefully set before implementing water-efficiency or self-sufficiency measures. Products and features are important, but they need to be seen as part of a comprehensive sustainable water strategy that includes design and system-wide thinking.​​

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