How do I know I've achieved it?Print

The money spent on building your home and on operating and maintaining it will be the most obvious means of assessing whether your house is performing in the way you expected.

A monitoring system that tracks performance of key products and systems in your home can provide a deeper level of understanding that can be used to get even better performance out of your home. It can be particularly valuable in diagnosing causes of poor performance, for example identifying rooms that frequently have lights left on, pumps that are clogged, or appliances that are not performing to specification. Monitoring systems can also communicate value to future buyers by recording the performance of individual systems and the number of hours remaining until scheduled maintenance or end of life.

​Finally, monitoring systems that include control functionality can be instrumental in achieving maximum financial performance from many of the products or systems in your home. Such systems can automate heating or lighting schedules or control the distribution of energy generated by PV panels throughout the home.

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