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Connect people to the park and to each other. 

Create convenient and safe connections with surrounding cycle, walking and public transport networks which are easy to access and navigate. Make the park accessible for those with mobility and sensory impairments, where practical.  Carefully plan the layout and clustering of facilities, so that people can meet, socialise, and spend time together in the park.


Create safe movement and circulation

Providing safe and well-connected movement networks will encourage frequent use of the park and result in healthier people and safer parks. Create pathways with amenity facilities and rest areas, and ensure movement networks accommodate different modes of travel. Design for barrier free access and exceed accessibility requirements whenever possible, to allow people of all ages and abilities to enjoy these spaces.


Do this by:

  • ensuring all park entrances are universally accessible, including provision of wheelchair, pram and mobility scooter access
  • identifying obstacles atentrances which might restrict access. Investigate how they can be minimised or removed
  • integrating ramps alongside stairs or instead of stairs
  • raising grades around amenity facilities and other park buildings, to eliminate the need for a step
  • providing connected walking paths
  • ensuring access routes to park facilities link well with general circulation paths
  • incorporating wayfinding signage and park maps at entrances and key intersections
  • separating bicycles from pedestrians where conflicts are anticipated
  • ensuring that increased sightlines exist at potential points of conflict between bicycles and pedestrians
  • incorporating emergency help points in isolated areas
  • locating recreational amenities, such as skate parks, hard courts and playgrounds  in positions of maximum passive surveillance, preferably close to the street. This will minimise opportunities for illegal activity such as vandalism and graffiti.​


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