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Provide fun, creative and stimulating environments for all ages to enjoy. 

​Provide opportunities for social interaction, active and passive physical activity; and places for children and young people to have fun, play and learn. Designs should include artworks, and be able to accommodate events. Design should aim to stimulate the senses, harnessing sights, sounds, smells, taste and tactile experiences.


Locate amenities near attractions 

People are drawn to features and attractions when amenities such as seating, lookout platforms or interpretive signage are located near them. Providing comfortable amenities that are located close to popular features will help to increase people's use and enjoyment of them. 


Ensure good location of amenities by:

  • identifying features on site that  make good vantage points or gathering places, such as beachfronts and lookouts. Provide appropriate facilities, such as seats and lookouts,  to attract people to the place
  • placing elements in a way that encourages social interaction and chance encounters, e.g. facing seats to one another
  • clustering key facilities to create activity nodes and reduce the clutter of built elements across the park​

Promote active health and wellbeing

Good park design can help to improve the fitness and health of our communities by encouraging and supporting the active use of these spaces. Cycleways and walkways though parks provide a healthy transport alternative and fitness equipment promotes movement and community interaction.


Promote active health and wellbeing by:

  • identifying any public health or wellness concerns for  the surrounding community and working to address these through design
  • considering the integration of fruit trees, and providing information about the health benefits of eating fresh produce
  • creating fitness opportunities for a range of user groups, where appropriate
  • incorporating children's play opportunitiesthat encouragecoordination and flexibility
  • providing fitness equipment or exercise areas for adults adjacent to play spaces and sports fields. Locate these facilities so that parents can watch their children while they exercise
  • including open areas which can be used for stretching and strength building
  • incorporating attractive and wide stairs that be used for exercising.​




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