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​​​Engage early with all interested community members and groups to understand their needs and aspirations, and reflect their wishes in the design.

Work closely with the community to incorporate design elements which reflect a distinct sense of place. Tell local history stories, and convey the community’s connection with the place.

Integrate cultural values

Auckland has a culturally diverse population and the design of our parks should reflect and celebrate this. Encourage and enable different cultures to use and enjoy our parks for various activities. This will create strong, healthy communities and will foster a sense of park ownership and inclusiveness.

Integrate & reflect different cultures by:

  • engaging with the surrounding community to identify cultural recreation needs
  • understanding what facilities may be required to accommodate activities such as kilikiti or tai chi, and include facilities that enable these activities in the design
  • using planting or built structures, such as shelters or pavilions, to encourage larger groups of people to gather.


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