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Provide a range of amenities, such as: seating, shade and drinking fountains. 

Ensure amenities are appropriate for the scale and purpose of the park, and also cater for a variety of ages and abilities. Design well-signposted, interesting and welcoming entrances to the park. Apply Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and Injury Prevention Through Environmental Design (IPTED) principles from the outset.


Provide comfortable spaces 

As the population grows, more people will visit parks and it is important to provide amenities that enable a comfortable experience for park users.


Provide comfortable spaces by:

  • understanding what amenities are currently provided in and around the park
  • incorporating amenities such as shelter, shade, seating, drinking fountains, dog drinking fountains, planting and wind protection
  • using planting to provide increased areas of shade and shelter
  • understanding the demographics of the local community and responding to those needs in the design. For example, more seats may be required in hilly environments or in communities with elderly populations
  • incorporating seating options for caregivers in and around play spaces, so adults can relax whilst their children play​


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