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Connect people to the park and to each other. 

Create convenient and safe connections with surrounding cycle, walking and public transport networks which are easy to access and navigate. Make the park accessible for those with mobility and sensory impairments, where practical.  Carefully plan the layout and clustering of facilities, so that people can meet, socialise, and spend time together in the park.


Reviving Whakapapa – Naming places and features

Incorporating the ancestral names of places, people and events associated with the landscape will provide entry points for exploring historical stories, and connects past and present generations together. The whakapapa, or genealogy, of a place can provide ideas or inspiration for interpretive signage and Maori art work, which help to revive the mana of these places. In some cases, non-Maori place names may be historic or significant and should also be considered.


Incorporate ancestral names by:

  • engaging with manawhenua who have knowledge of the site
  • researching  the site and its history, including past uses
  • incorporating interesting information into landscape features or interpretive signage, in collaboration with manawhenua
  • working with Auckland Council parks officers to formally recommend to the Local Board that the park and its features are given their ancestral names.​


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