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Identify and develop relationships with neighbouring land owners such as churches, schools and businesses. 

Work with them to use the park design as a catalyst for the improvement of the neighbourhood as a whole. Design to create a destination that can contribute to Auckland's tourism economy. Use interpretation to educate and inspire visitors about what makes Auckland unique and special.


Adaptive reuse of building or structures

When their original, historic or current use ends, buildings should be adapted and re-used, where possible. This enables buildings to continue to be enjoyed, strengthens the activation of the park and facilitates further learning about heritage and place. In some cases, this may only be appropriate if the historical use of the building is reinstated or preserved. Care should be taken when considering the particular purpose that the historic buildings will be used for, to avoid detracting from the site's character and value.


Successfully adapt buildings for reuse by:

  • ensuring that any additions link the building's old and new uses together
  • reusing buildings or structures for community purposes or commercial use
  • engaging with the local community and manawhenua to ensure proposed adaptations are consistent with the heritage values of the park
  • taking a  precautionary approach to any removals or additions to existing built forms
  • limiting the level of  intervention into the building's  historic fabric, as much as possible​
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