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Implement energy efficient systems that make the most of limited resources, such as power and water. 

Building materials and design elements should be appropriate to context, cost efficient (considering whole of life cost), durable, and be made of parts that can be easily replaced if damaged.  Design the park for ease of maintenance from the outset.


Employ skilled workers

Contractors working on heritage features must have the relevant training and experience, as this requires a different set of skills to general construction. Clearly communicate the aspirations for the site to contractors to give them sense of ownership as this is likely improve the quality of workmanship and result in a better outcome.


When employing workers, ensure that:

  • skilled contractors are employed and have a clear understanding of the designer's intentions and the heritage features that are being protected
  • skilled contractors are consulted about what historic features can be retained
  • a heritage specialist is available to supervise work and oversee any changes to the design as work progresses
  • all work is formally documented to ensure construction is to standard and any modifications are recorded​​​

Plan for maintenance

The long term maintenance of every developed design should be planned and approved in advance.


Ensure the maintenance plan is achievable by:

  • understanding the long term maintenance resources available for the park and using this to inform design
  • developing maintenance plans with input from the operational teams who will be responsible for maintaining the site
  • ensuring maintenance plans respect and maintain the form, colour, textures and scale of the built structures and vegetation in the park and its surrounds
  • checking for any specific maintenance requirements in the site management recommendations, e.g. mowing advice or no further use of concrete
  • providing clear guidance, information and recommendations for the site's ongoing maintenance, including what and where the heritage features are and how they should  be protected.​

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