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Provide a range of amenities, such as: seating, shade and drinking fountains. 

Ensure amenities are appropriate for the scale and purpose of the park, and also cater for a variety of ages and abilities. Design well-signposted, interesting and welcoming entrances to the park. Apply Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and Injury Prevention Through Environmental Design (IPTED) principles from the outset.


Carefully integrate amenity facilities

Amenity features should be sympathetic to the overall style of the park and respect the heritage features, not detract from them. Heritage parks should be welcoming, attractive places where people want to spend their time. Incorporate amenity features to enable people of all ages to enjoy being in the place.


Do this by:

  • providing places for people to gather and reflect
  • providing shelters and seating near key features and signage
  • ensuring the provision of amenities does not  cause  unnecessary damage to heritage features​



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