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Parks should be multifunctional. 

They should appeal to a range of users and provide for year round enjoyment. Incorporate simple, uncluttered areas which are flexible and adaptable to a range of activities and allow multiple users to happily coexist. Work together with the community to accommodate their needs, allowing for a variety of uses and experiences.


Integrate educational elements

Providing the public with learning opportunities will allow communities to connect with the past and develop a sense of belonging. Elements that enable learning and discovery should be integrated into historic spaces wherever possible.


Do this by:

  • providing interpretive signage and features to help the public understand the significance of the place
  • engaging with mana whenua, Heritage New Zealand, Auckland Council's Heritage Unit, and surrounding communities to gather historic heritage information and storiesto incorporate into signageor design features
  • engaging with former landowners or their descendants to obtain information, stories and historic photos​


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