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Identify and develop relationships with neighbouring land owners such as churches, schools and businesses. 

Work with them to use the park design as a catalyst for the improvement of the neighbourhood as a whole. Design to create a destination that can contribute to Auckland's tourism economy. Use interpretation to educate and inspire visitors about what makes Auckland unique and special.


Design areas which will appeal to tourists

Many tourists will come to New Zealand to experience our unique forests and lush bush settings. Tourists often travel outside of Auckland to experience these types of settings; however it is possible to find examples of these pristine ecological environments within the Auckland region, along with facilities and opportunities for people to connect with and enjoy them. Investigate ways to make our ecological environments more appealing and inviting to tourists.



  • providing signage that incorporated QR codes that provide information in a variety of languages
  • providing parking facilities for tour buses and campervans at tourist locations
  • incorporating fun interactive features such as oversized picture frames for photo opportunities
  • encouraging tourists to be part of conservation efforts (e.g. on day trips to Tiritiri Matangi Island, visitors can get involved in conservation efforts, as well as enjoy a close encounter with our unique flora and fauna).​


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