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​​Identify and understand the surrounding landscape and wider ecological systems.

Make ecosystems more resilient by using vegetation to create connections and corridors between parks and wider networks. Protect and enhance viewpoints and significant natural features. Ensure that movement networks through the natural environment respect the existing terrain, flora and fauna, heritage and cultural values.

Integrate ecological environments into the wider ecological context

Linking to other ecological areas can increase the richness and resilience of park ecosystems by increasing the population and dispersal of indigenous species.

Create links between ecological environments by:

  • mapping ecological areas of vegetation and habitat beyond the site, which the park could form connections with
  • creating ecological corridors (physical links) with adjoining land for the easy movement of fauna
  • identifying opportunities to connect to a watershed catchment area, and aim to enhance water quality through the design
  • engaging an ecologist for advice
  • noting any nearby bird sanctuaries and incorporating plants which provide food and shelter for native birds
  • working with a nursery to grow eco-sourced species originating from the site for restoration planting.


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