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Connect our parks to one another and to the surrounding neighbourhood. ​

Develop greenways that connect our parks, streets and esplanade reserves to create a green movement network across Auckland and around the coast. Create or improve connections with surrounding transport networks, community facilities and local businesses. Use wayfinding signage to help people find their way.


Provide quality movement networks

Improve the experience of being in the park by enabling people to move through with ease, with facilities that enable people to walk and cycle. However, public access should be carefully planned to respect the environment. In some areas public access may disturb sensitive plants and animals and should be avoided.


Provide quality movement networks by:

  • designing the track networks to be easily maintained over time
  • planning for wet conditions and ensuring that appropriate drainage is provided
  • providing a variety of track experiences ranging from easy to challenging and making sure to provide signage at track entrances clearly indicates its level of difficulty
  • providing maps at key entrance points and junctions with estimated journey times
  • linking trail networks together to allow people to customise their own journeys
  • connecting key destinations together, and providing more looped track options
  • providing at least one universally accessible track, where possible, to accommodate people with mobility impairments​


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