Design For Health Wellbeing And Fun Print

Provide fun, creative and stimulating environments for all ages to enjoy. 

Provide opportunities for social interaction, active and passive physical activity; and places for children and young people to have fun, play and learn. Designs should include artworks, and be able to accommodate events. Design should aim to stimulate the senses, harnessing sights, sounds, smells, taste and tactile experiences.


Encourage community participation and restoration work

Equip local communities with the tools and information they need to become stewards of their local ecological area and participate in its enhancement and protection. Local people can monitor the site and directly benefit from and enjoy the rewards of restoration.


Encourage community involvement by:

  • engaging and collaborating with the local community early in the design process and maintaining their involvement throughout
  • collaborating with community conservation groups which may have valuable information  to assist in the park's development and maintenance
  • holding community events and fun days​

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