Developing the visionPrint

A vision that establishes the desired outcome for the park will shape what happens on the site, and will provide a point of reference throughout the design and development process. The vision can be a short written statement or a sketch setting out the shared aspirations for the project. It is also useful to include supporting images or diagrams.


An initial vision can be developed by holding a visioning workshop with stakeholders. Community engagement at this early stage will help to ensure the views of the community are understood and incorporated, and it can also help manage expectations.


A vision is likely to derive from an understanding of the site's characteristics, its history and geography, and the community's needs and aspirations. Many visions and ideas are inspired by visits to other places, however bear in mind that grand designs in other places may need to be adapted to reflect the project's parameters.


Once your vision is clear, and incorporates the views of internal and external stakeholders, ensure it aligns with strategic documents such as the Auckland Plan and Local Board plans.


Ensure the vision is not lost as the concept and final designs for the site are developed. Remember to constantly check the design against the vision throughout the design development process. ​

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