This is an exciting stage of the project, but it may disrupt the use of the site for some time. It is important to keep local people informed. This can be done through temporary signage  explaining the project and the construction timescale, and regular meetings to keep the community informed.


The construction period is the stage most prone  to delays in progress and increases in cost. This is the reason for contingency funds being built  into the budget at an early stage. It is important for the project manager to control costs and keep records of money contributed to the project and money spent, in order to report back to funders.


Once work has begun on site, the Engineer to the Contract will supervise the contract. This will typically include:


  • site visits to inspect the progress and quality
  • checking and certifying the contractor's payments
  • keeping track of construction costs and keeping the project sponsor informed
  • agreeing with the Principal that works are satisfactorily completed​

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