Celebrate the project’s successPrint

Organise a grand opening when the project is completed. A celebratory event reinforces that the new space is for everyone to enjoy. Make sure landowner approval and any required licenses are in place to host the event. Invite everyone who has shown an interest or involvement in the project, and target others through a press release, mail drops and online forums.  Ensure that the governing body and mana whenua leaders are given the opportunity to make a speech. Have alternative plans in place for wet weather, and try to estimate likely numbers, so that the event can be scaled accordingly. Finally, make arrangements for the space to be cleaned up promptly afterwards.


In addition to the grand opening, a case study should be prepared and at least 10 professional photographs should be taken for incorporation into the Auckland Design Manual's parks section. The case study should discuss the success points of the project and the final outcome, and explain what makes it a successful place. The case study can also discuss the mistakes made during the project to help others avoid making those same mistakes in the future. Ideally, the case study should link the project to the major design objectives in the design manual, to demonstrate how it is delivering those high level aspirations on the ground. Once completed, the case study and photographs should be uploaded onto the Auckland Design Manual website so that others may learn from the project and apply those learnings in future projects. 

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