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Better Design Practice

Kitchen space, fittings and furniture should be provided in each home so that two people can circulate safely and conveniently carry out the following activities:
  • food storage
  • food preparation and cooking
  • serving
  • eating (if no separate dining area)
  • storage of separated waste for recycling.

Kitchens should have a 1.2m access space in front of the base kitchen units; however this may be reduced to 700mm where this access space adjoins general circulation space (i.e. a 500mm deep overlap is acceptable). This is illustrated below:

Kitchen design will vary according to the size of the terraced unit. A large, family unit has different requirements to a more compact terraced house. However there are some basic space requirements to be incorporated in a kitchen area, as illustrated below:

The standard bench depth is 600mm. Provide storage for: 
  • food 
  • crockery 
  • cutlery 
  • miscellaneous kitchen appliances 
  • bowls, baking and roasting dishes 
  • baking papers, wraps etc.
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