Ends of rows and courtyards Print

Desi​gn Checklist

  1. ​​​​​​​​Good visual contact between houses on the ends of terraced blocks and the adjacent public street or space is achieved​​

The ends of rows (if exposed on a street corner) or corners of courtyard blocks are especially important as they present dual façades to the public street and therefore can have a greater impact than mid-terrace houses. 
There are many instances in Auckland where the ends of rows or corners of courtyard blocks present blank walls to the secondary street. This creates an unsafe, unattractive environment where little visual connection between the house and the street is possible.​

Better Design Practice

The ends of terraced housing rows should be designed and composed to enable windows and balconies. Terraced housing on corner sites or adjacent to laneways or public open spaces should offer as much attention to detail on the secondary elevation as the primary street façade. Providing balconies and windows on the ends of rows is encouraged.
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