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  • The Altair


    High density terrace housing development in a central city environment that creates an excellent edge to the street while accommodating the car via rear lane access.

    Project Summary

    ​​​​​​​​​​​This development was on a brown-field site previously adjacent to what was Wellington’s icon Athletic Park. Rintoul Street is an important north-south street that runs along the flanks of the Newtown valley. Rintoul Street is on the bus route to the central city.

    The site is just less than one hectare – a relatively large site for Newtown. The development comprises of 70 three bedroom terrace units in nine blocks.

    The whole site has been master-planned with each block separated by a variety of spaces; some for vehicle access, some private courtyards and there are three common spaces which provide a level of amenity to the development, to counter the smaller individual open spaces for each unit.

    Eight of these blocks are parallel to Rintoul Street, with one rear block set at right angles due to the shape of the corner. The three storey blocks are a contemporary version of terrace housing. The units within each block are staggered which helps break down the form and overall building scale of the development.

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