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  • Tagata Way, Mangere


    Good example of a semi-detached housing development that incorporates a new, narrow road as an alternative to either infill, or multiple developments off right-of-ways.

    Project Summary

    ​​​​​​​​​​​Tagata Way is a medium-density housing project by Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) comprised of 21 semi-detached dwellings located in the heart of Mangere in the south of Auckland.

    The site is located at the end of a suburban block, framed by Bader Drive, Elmden Street and Ventura Street.

    The site was selected because of its strategic position within Mangere - within walking distance to community facilities and commercial hubs as well as being well-connected to recreation spaces, including Mangere Mountain.

    The site was formerly comprised of 10 typical 600-700m² sections with a single storey 100m² dwelling on each. The project involved reconfiguring the site to accommodate 21 x 300m² freehold sections intersected by a new street, Tagata Way. The development of this new road, or ‘homezone’, significantly informed the design of the overall development as it has a strong pedestrian focus.

    Principles of safety and crime prevention through environmental design were also applied and ensured that the buildings addressed the four streets they overlooked.

    As a social housing project, the aim was to include a range of dwelling sizes and types to accommodate a diverse range of residents. The 21 dwellings range from single storey 2 bed to two-storey 3+ bed dwellings. Each dwelling occupies a free-hold site, with a private outdoor space.

    The architecture is contemporary and of a modest scale. The dwellings have an attractive face to the street with variation of heights, setbacks and the use of colour to add character and visual interest.

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