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​​​​​​​​To deliver development objectives and manage project risk, design should be carried out by suitably qualified and experienced professionals who can interpret site conditions and direct a suitable WSD response.

Project teams vary according to the scale and complexity of a project. Regulatory authorities may be part of a working group where appropriate in order to achieve buy-in throughout the design process, expedite consenting timeframes, and determine the appropriate level of detail required for consenting documentation. 

In general, a project team could include the following expertise:​​
  • Planning, project management and legal advisers
  • Specialist advisers (depending on the site attributes) including arborists, environmental scientists, terrestrial and freshwater ecologists, transport planners and geomorphologists
  • Designers (with particular regard to landscape architects, engineers, architects, and urban designers).  There may also be benefit in having specialist expertise in WSD approaches.
  • Engagement specialists, social scientists and installation artists as appropriate
  • Building partners
  • Regulatory authorities​​​
WSD promotes an inter-disciplinary and collaborative design approach to recognise inherent project risks, identify efficiencies for the design and construction programme, and provide for multiple beneficial outcomes for the project and the developer’s investment. Continuity of the project team through the design phases provides for the most informed decision-making, and will avoid potential misinterpretation and costly reiterations.​​
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