How to use GD04 Print

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The intended audience for GD04 includes policy planners, stormwater engineers, landscape architects, and other design practitioners associated with land development and land use planning where stormwater and freshwater management is a consideration. ​

Section B of GD04 defines the objectives of WSD and explains the multiple drivers for WSD as Auckland Council’s preferred approach to stormwater management. The key audience for Section B is policy planners, regulators, and those preparing related materials on stormwater management. However, anyone seeking a clear understanding of WSD in the Auckland context would benefit from reading this section.

Sections C to E have a structure that follows the design process for land development. Sections C and D focus on-site assessment and site analysis, respectively. Section E develops the WSD concepts. The key audience for these sections is land developers, land use planners, and their consultants.​​​​​​
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