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  • Onepoto Domain


    This volcanic crater erupts with activity and enjoyment by catering for a wide variety of active and passive uses.

    Project Summary

    ​​​​​​​​Like many other parks in Auckland, this park is one with volcanic origins. The crater-shaped domain was formed by an eruption 20,000 -30,000years ago, and the crater has been gradually filled in with soft marine sediments approximately 25m deep. It was a tidal lagoon until 1975, when it was filled with 1.5m of imported fill, altering the parks overall form.

    Two small freshwater lakes were designed to function as collection ponds for stormwater from the surrounding residential areas, through drainage channels in the domain. These small lakes have since become highly valued for the recreational opportunities they provide, particularly for radio control boats and duck feeding. Onepoto Domain has become Auckland’s premier model sail boat site.

    The park was developed for active and informal recreation and provides two playing fields which are shared by cricket and soccer clubs over the different seasons. These fields underwent renovations to become irrigated sand carpet fields in the mid 1990’s.The park is also highly valued for the casual recreation opportunities it provides, including a children’s adventure playground, walkways, barbecue, picnicking spots and ‘learn to cycle paths’.

    Remnant areas of significant ecological value can be found in the stream systems and wetland area of the park. Established native trees can be found along the stream banks, and walking trails line one side of the stream, enabling engagement with the bush and stream. However, signage for any of the bush trails in this area is limited.


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