Selecting a sitePrint

​​If the project involves providing a new facility or infrastructure work, the biggest challenge is finding an appropriate location within the park. 
Evaluate potential sites based on:
  • accessibility for all users
  • the intersection of any paths
  • whether the size, shape and contour of the land can accommodate the proposed use in a way that won't have adverse effects on the character or values of the park or the wider landscape
  • what affect locating the facility in that location will have on other uses and users of the park
  • any significant landscape features, such as a hill, floodplain or stream, and the effects that the facility will have on these features
Remember to check the District Plan and Unitary Plan to see if there are any planning designations that may restrict the use of the site. If you are unsure, check with the council’s planning help desk.  All new facilities and infrastructure work in parks requires the approval of the landowner. This authority is delegated to the area's Local Board and is administered by council's Parks, Sport and Recreation Department.

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