Design for more use and a range of experiences Print

​Parks should be multifunctional.

They should appeal to a range of users and provide for year round enjoyment. Incorporate simple, uncluttered areas which are flexible and adaptable to a range of activities and allow multiple users to happily coexist. Work together with the community to accommodate their needs, allowing for a variety of uses and experiences.

Design flexible spaces

Civic spaces must provide comfortable and functional spaces which enable a diverse range of activities to take place.

Design flexible spaces by:

  • including larger areas where events and festivals can take place and smaller spaces for individuals or small groups
  • understanding what the proposed future use of the space will be, and providing appropriate infrastructure to support that use
  • considering the use of moveable furniture and incorporating storage space for furniture
  • providing for event vehicle access
  • designing for succession, so that the space can easily and cost effectively be adapted for a different future use.

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