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​Connect our parks to one another and to the surrounding neighbourhood.

Develop greenways that connect our parks, streets and esplanade reserves to create a green movement network across Auckland and around the coast. Create or improve connections with surrounding transport networks, community facilities and local businesses. Use wayfinding signage to help people find their way.

Create strong easy connections and access

Civic spaces often link cities and communities together, providing short cuts across town or important links for commuters, shoppers and tourists. They are the hubs of our civic lives, where people often meet and tourists go to get oriented.

Encourage good connections by:

  • creating fluid links into the surrounding public transport network, cycleways or walkways
  • providing clear pathways that take people across the space in the ways they are most likely to walk (accommodating desire lines)
  • protecting important visual connections to the landscape or built features
  • strengthening connections with neighbouring civic and commercial facilities to create active edges
  • providing for sensory and mobility impairment needs
  • incorporating high quality wayfinding signage at key locations
  • providing visual entry cues and clear lines of sight.

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