Parking under the house Print

Design Checklist

  1. Parking under the house does not dominate the main view of the house from the street​.​​


Garaging is sometimes located beneath the main part of the building, rather than to one side or behind. Parking under the house can be an effective response on certain sites, such as when the site slopes down from the road. Placing the garage under the house has the benefit of reducing the footprint of the house, reducing stormwater runoff and allowing for more open space.​

Careful design is require to ensure that garaging does not dominant the building’s main façade or become the main feature of the building at street level. 

Better Design Practice

Recess the garage frontage behind the main facade of the house.
Make the house entry visually prominent, potentially incorporating a generous porch and steps. Project an upper level room, deck or similar feature forward from the garage over the main width of the house façade.
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