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​​Design Checklist​

  1. Parking behind the house is safe and adds to the amenity of the house and rear yard.


​​​​​Locating parking behind the house is a traditional pattern of garaging and parking which ensures that the garage does not dominate the street edge. In some instances, access to parking behind the house might be from a rear lane.​

The downsides to a rear garaging approach are that they require extensive hard paving, which can increase stormwater runoff. In addition, a relatively long driveway can be an inefficient use of space, unless the driveway is carefully designed as a multi-functional space, such as a play area for older children or a form of separation from neighbours.

Better Design Practice

Where possible share driveways between multiple sites.
Shared driveways are a more efficient use of land, freeing up space for other uses such as outdoor living spaces, as well as reducing the number of vehicle crossings required at the street.

When locating garages within the rear yard consider: 
  • How they can be placed and designed to support recreational and maintenance activities on the site;
  • Placing them on the southern boundary of the site to maximise sun exposure to the rear yard; 
  • Where they might contribute to wind shelter on an exposed site;
  • Where they can contribute to privacy for both the rear yard and the neighbour.

Avoid large areas of asphalt or concrete.
To avoid large, homogenous surfaces consider expressing joints in the paving, using modular paving, or breaking up any large areas of hard surface with a second material. Use planting to provide further visual interest.

Use appropriate landscaping and lighting to ensure good visibility for drivers and pedestrians.
​This should make the driveway safe to use for all, while also contributing to amenity.

Consider how to provide for the safety of small children along the driveway and rear yard.
For example by providing pedestrian access between the street, the building and outdoor living spaces that is segregated from the driveway by a separate path and low fencing. Also ensure there is good visibility along the driveway for drivers and pedestrians and remove potential concealment spots for children.
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